March 04, 2013

Guest post for Josephine - studs and chains/Manichiura mea pe blogul Josephinei - tinte si lanturi

Today I bring you a guest post I wrote for Josephine, a well-known Romanian blogger. Her blog is very nice, she's got a lot of lovely designs and swatches. She only writes in Romanian for now so you can read the English version here. For more photos (and a small tutorial) check out the post on Josephine's blog - Guest Post Monday (2) 

Astazi iti arat o postare pe care am scris-o pentru Josephine, o bloggerita cunoscuta. Blogul ei este foarte dragut, are multe design-uri frumoase si swatch-uri. Poti citi despre aceasta manichiura aici - Guest Post Monday (2)

Lately I noticed chain or studs nails are very popular and a lot of time has passed since I did the last manicure featuring these (Chains and studs nail art) so I thought the time has come for a new one!

It is easily done. The black stripes on a white background painting is done with acrylic paint and the studs are stuck on with topcoat. Regarding the chain pieces, the first time I wore them I stuck them on with topcoat too. I don't recommend it. They will fly away in about two days. This time I used clear acrylic but they still tend to come off. I think the best solution is nail tips glue which I'm going to try next time.

And, of course, "the piercing" :D I love anything that clanks and hangs and I even wore a nail piercing some months ago but it isn't ok for natural nails. The hole will get bigger and bigger and you will have to cut the nail, besides the fact you need help when putting on the ring. Anyway, an obsessed girl always finds solutions :)) I put some rhinestones on an acrylic bead, I attached it to the little chain and stuck the whole thing on the back of my nail.

Removal is done using acetone-based remover and the foil method (explained here). As you can imagine, washing your hair with these nails is a delicate operation that needs a little bit more attention (lol @ the rhyme). Last time I managed to wash thoroughly without ripping my hair off :D

Hope you like my manicure! I know many women probably think it's unwearable but I love complicated designs with 3-D applications and other similar stuff! A big "thank you" to Josephine for the invitation and I wish you all a great week! <3


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